Ottawa employee benefit plans

Why You Need Insurance Consulting Services

In Canada, employer-offered insurance presents workers with health benefits based on a group rate. This rate is achievable by determining the premiums offered by major insurers and calculating the probable savings. This discount or reduction is generated by the number of employees who opt in. To receive a complete assessment for Ottawa employee benefit plans today, contact Silverstone Insurance today.

Why You Need Consulting Services

As a business owner, you must consider the most effective strategies for providing health care benefits for your workers. When making these assessments, you should establish early on whether or not you intend to pay a portion of the premiums. In most instances, employers who choose to cover some of the cost, typically, pay one-half of the total premium.

An insurance consultant reviews all available group-rate policies for your workers. This encompasses policies to cover dental, medical, and vision requirements. They acquire quotes from all major insurers to determine, which rates are most affordable for you and your employees. This includes an evaluation of the tax implications imposed on the selected program for you, and probable changes based on the history of the chosen insurer.

Reviewing Government-Based Requirements

At any time that the government implements new legislation that affects how you provide insurance to your employees, a consultant supplies a full report of these requirements. They evaluate how the changes affect your company and employees. They also show you which adjustments are needed to ensure compliance with these regulations. Your chosen consultant identifies the deadline for the changes to prevent any incurrence of fines issued by the federal government.

Explaining the Benefits to Your Workers

If you aren’t a natural-born salesman, your consultant could reiterate the advantages of your chosen health coverage to your workers. Since they understand the pros and cons of these plans, they can provide your employees with full disclosure of what to expect. These meetings provide your workers with a chance to ask questions and address concerns before they choose to participate. They could also determine which selections are right for them in terms of additional policies such as temporary or long-term disability.

Ottawa employee benefit plans are provided through a wide-spectrum of carriers. However, the goal for you as an employer is to present the highest advantages to your workers without excessive costs. This is why the role of the consultant is vital. They assess the policies available to you based on group rates and discounts. If you wish to learn more about these opportunities, contact your preferred insurance consulting service today.